Where to Go in 2020. Cheap Destinations for Students

Do students deserve to travel the world and have fun despite being on a tight budget? Yes! Yes! Yes! Everyone deserves some fun, no matter how deep or shallow their pockets are. In most cases, students depend on their parents or caregivers to meet their day to day needs. Whether it’s a basic or recreational, you find out that many students can’t manage both without spending money.
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It’s time for students to awaken their spirit of adventure by travelling to these affordable places. Check them out!

1. Argentina

This is one of the cheapest travel destinations. The prices are close to some of the Asian destinations. A night in a standard hostel will cost you $7-$10 and the total amount of money a day won’t exceed $40 for a student. Amazing regions to visit are Cordoba and Buenos Aires not forgetting the great waterfalls of Foz do Iguacu. Those who love mountains, Argentina has got the Patagonia mountain region. It's known for its snowy peaks and amazing penguins.

2. Romania

The spectacular Transylvania region in Romania makes your spirit of adventure go wild. You will never forget what you see here. The amazing medieval towns, ancient fortified churches, and spectacular Carpathian mountain range will just spice up your holiday in an unbelievable way. The grey Soviet-era buildings remind you a little about the area’s history. For sure this will be an amazing destination for you.

3. Zanzibar

This island stands out as the best tourist destination on the entire African Continent. Featuring very tidy sand beaches, traditional food, African cultural practices, all these make a perfect destination for a student. Here, you get to interact with other young natives or tourists. A random day spent in a cultural event, drunk 3 cheap beers, a taxi, three-day meals will cost around $25.
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4. Guanajuato City, Mexico

It's time you have a Spanish taste of things! Guanajuato City will be a good appetizer in your travelling meal. It is one of the most beautiful and affordable cities in Mexico. You wouldn’t want to leave Mexico without taking a photo in Guanajuato city. Someone might wonder why all these colors? Mexicans love colors. The city is like a rainbow blended with a thousand coloured flowers. In fact, this is the city that inspired the design of Disney's Coco. The city is very walkable. If you’re tired of walking to your hotel, the taxis are easy to find. So, as a student, give yourself a break from studies for a while. Don’t worry about your holiday assignments while travelling. Leave that to Essay Pro. Is essaypro reliable for your essay assignments? They have a proven track of success in satisfying their client’s needs.