When there’s no gym – what else can you do?

Posted on 23. Aug, 2011 by in The Story

Travelling is great, but the one thing I don’t have access to on a regular basis is any form of gym. I’m not a big fan of them anyway, but it does make working out pretty difficult. Every time we move to a new place we have to suss out if there is anywhere I can work out, usually I can make up some pretty good excuses to why this place won’t work so….. no exercise gets done.

When I finally do go for a run or something the heat in Asia is stifling and I can only do a little before I am sweating like a pig! It’s really not a good look for anyone!!

However recently my Mum sent me one of my old fitness DVDs, . This is perfect now I can work out in my hostel room, with lovely lovely air con! It has four 30 minute sessions concentrating on different parts of the body. For me it’s brilliant, as  there is a warm up and cool down in each section I know that I am getting a whole body work out.

Davina Fit

Yayyy.. check out my fitness dvd!

One of the sessions concentrates mainly on the arms, I love it as I can feel it working! They mix up small weight lifting with short bursts of cardio to keep your heart rate up. Another concentrates on the legs with lungs and squats galore. The first time I did this one I ached for days after!

Another reason I love this DVD is that it is easy to follow, I have bought quite a few others that are really really difficult as they move through routines far too quickly! This is where I get incredibly bored and a bit demotivated! I need something that is relatively easy :-)

I like so much that I am thinking of getting her new DVD sent out.

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  1. Monica

    28. Oct, 2011

    Kirsty, I love Davina’s DVDs. I’m a geek and I have them all. I bought them when I was travelling too. You should also try the ones from the trainer on American Biggest Looser. They’re a killer.

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  2. Kirsty

    08. Nov, 2011

    Oh God I agree Jillian is a killer I’ve only tried one of hers and gees she works you!!

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