Welcome To Kirstys World

Welcome To Kirstys World

Posted on 04. Mar, 2011 by in The Story

Welcome to the very first post on my travel fitness. I’m Kirsty I’m a long term traveller who is in desperate need to get fit. This site is designed to motivate me and anyone who is reading this to get off their asses, stop making excuses and get a little fitter! I am the first one to admit that I am one of the best excuse makers out there, always putting off exercise until tomorrow…. However with this blog, I won’t be able to do this anymore! From now on I will be updating this website regularly with my personal story including anything from trying out iphone apps to attempting some of the “suggested exercises on websites” (can any normal human being really get their leg that high??)

Downing a few cocktails

My background
I’m a regular human being, never really been into exercise so naturally when I went to university the cider and late night curries helped me pile on the pounds. I’ve never ever been able to stick at any diet, I have absolutely no will power in the world (ask my boyfriend) most days I would happily eat cake, chocolate, crisps… near enough anything that is unhealthy for you! Unfortunately for me my boyfriend is incredibly active and couldn’t care less about any of the above mentioned food. He gets annoyed that I can’t go on three day treks (I would moan that whooole time) and I’m not really into mountain biking!

How this blog came about?
Well, I was doing a bit of research into how to keep fit whilst travelling and it came up with a few posts, but nothing that was in depth, no one who had actually used some of the products they were suggesting, and mainly just the generic – walk for a while or go for a run etc. This blog will tell my story of going from a pretty unhealthy human being into a reasonably active one. Hopefully giving out lots of tips and tricks for readers to do the same.

I want to keep it fun and light hearted so that you guys will want to come and read my story rather than  screamingYOU SHOULD DO THIS… I’m not going to promise miracles but hopefully we’ll all lose a few pounds or ten.

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