Top Ten Things Not to Do at an Airport.

Top Ten Things Not to Do at an Airport.

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I’ve been to countless airports on my travels over the last two years. So I thought it would be good to give you some friendly advice on things you should NOT do whilst hanging out at these places!

1. It is important in this day and age not to joke about security or anything illegal really while at the airport.

2. Never leave your luggage anywhere unattended at the airport.  Most airports like Gatwick Airport have strict rules about abandoned luggage and often have voice overs with instructions.

3. Never get drunk before or during your travel, it’s a quick way to get kicked off a flight or never get allowed on the flight to begin with.

4. Don’t forget where you parked your car! Remember to make a note of where you parked your car if you’re parking at Gatwick . Most airports like Gatwick, Heathrow etc have numbered and color coded parking in their parking lots.

5. Don’t be Rude.  Flight attendants and airport workers are just doing their job, being polite will get you a lot further than having a go at someone.

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6. Do not wear body jewellery that will set off the security check scanners, in particular do not wear body jewelry that is impossible to remove or is embarrassing to remove.  Save yourself the hassle and just remove before you get to the airport.

7. This one goes hand in hand with number two, never touch unattended baggage.  If you see baggage that is left unattended alert someone at the airport to it but don’t pick it up or peek inside it.

8. Never over stay you’re welcome at an airport hotel. Like any other hotel, airport hotels have check out times too, so if you have booked a gatwick hotel with parking make sure you know your check out time and abide by it – the same applies to parking – make sure you collect your car on time.

9. Don’t forget your passport and tickets and if you do forget them, don’t annoy the airport staff by trying to get special treatment, it isn’t their fault that you forgot the items that were needed.

10. Don’t arrive late, always set your alarm clock a few hours in advance and arrive at the airport at least an hour early for local flights and two hours early for international flight, during holiday weekends, you  might even arrive over two hours early to deal with lines.  Rushing through airports sucks. OR alternatively, book an airport hotel and avoid rushing at all.

Bonus Advice: Always check the airports website for a list of approved items and save yourself the hassle and embarrassment of having airport security go through your bags and throw items out.  If it isn’t on the list, do not include it in your travel.  If you have to have the item, consider having it shipped to wherever you will be staying.

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