Top Destinations for Summer 2013

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Summer 2013 looks set to be an exciting season for those intent on discovering somewhere new, with a number of destinations on the verge of breaking through into the tourist mainstream. Here are some of the hottest spots around the world this year.


Norwegians have always had a reputation for knowing how to throw a good party, and Bergen is really pushing the boat out in 2013. Quite literally: the Fjordsteam festival in August will see the port’s attractive old harbour packed with intriguing historic vessels. It’s not that far away, either: visitors can fly direct from Heathrow in little more than an hour. To get to Heathrow you can go via Heathrow Express . And who wouldn’t, given the fabulous array of musical talent Bergen hosts in 2013? Rihanna, Muse and Neil Young will all be playing live in the city this summer.


A trip to Zambia will always result in a lifetime of memories. 2013 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone, the legendary explorer from whom the city takes its name. The breathtaking Victoria Falls will be the top priority for many travellers — a helicopter flight is not to be missed. There are plenty of other attractions, though: you can discover the traditional culture and people of the area at the Maramba Cultural Museum, as well as experiencing the thrills of kayaking on the Zambezi River.

Sunset – Lake Victoria CCfdecomite


As one of this year’s European Capitals of Culture, Marseille is really pulling out the stops for its visitors. Revelations, a spectacular sound and light display, will be performed along the palm-fringed beaches throughout 2013. A new museum at Fort Saint Jean, focusing on Mediterranean history and culture, should also be open by the summer. By then, the nearby Parc National des Calanques will be at its best; it’s a superb place for walkers. The weather will be hot and dry, though, so staying hydrated is vital.


2013 may be the final year in which Montenegro can said to be “under the radar”. Despite its compact size, much of the interior is a forested wilderness. A network of trails is being developed, making Montenegro attractive for hikers and cyclists. Newcomers may well be surprised by the sophisticated atmosphere that prevails along its Adriatic beaches: they’re the equal of those in neighbouring Croatia, yet still mostly frequented only by locals. Don’t miss the medieval towns lining the bewitching Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montenegro CCphotomonkey


This Philippine archipelago used to be a backwater, owing to its relative inaccessibility and lack of tourist infrastructure. That is now changing, with boutique hotels popping up and airlines scheduling direct flights from Manila. The highlight of Palawan is its scenery: it boasts an extensive and often almost deserted coastline. On top of that, the archipelago’s many hundreds of islands beckon; they boast thousands of square miles of pristine, rugged country to explore. Palawan won’t stay quiet for long, so this is the summer to see it.

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