Three awesome snacks I can’t live without

Three awesome snacks I can’t live without

Posted on 02. Dec, 2011 by in The Story

I am a big believer in eating little and often, not because of all the scientific research, but because if I’m starving I use it as an excuse to I eat a lot more than usual. Snacks keep my hunger levels down and stop me from buying burgers for every meal!

So what are my favourite snacks? I’m not the type of girl that can drink a glass of water, nibble on a cracker and hey presto I’m full. I like tasty food, yummy tasty snacks like the ones below:

Cantaloupe melon -

I love melon, I could eat this all the time!  One good thing about living in Thailand at the moment is that on nearly every street corner there is a fruit seller, ready and waiting for me to buy some melon for 10/15 baht (20 – 30p)! The best thing about Cantaloupe is that it’s only 60 calories per a serving.

Yummy Yummy melon.. CC arquepoetica

Cashew nuts and spring onions -

This sounds like a weird one, but please please please try it… I was skeptical at first but this is a taste sensation and pretty addictive! Good job a handful of nuts is 162 calories but high in iron and low in saturated fat – it’s fine…. (kinda in small doses!)

The beautiful cashews! CC nutsinbulk

Pop corn (freshly popped) -

This is my special treat, I have such a sweet tooth and sometimes need this to satisfy my cravings! It’s perfect at  and high in fibre how can you go wrong??

I love this stuff CC jayneandd

So they are my three favourite snacks… what are yours? Any more I should add to my list?

title image cc pink sherbet photgraphy

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