The Gambia Trek

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Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa whose borders mirror Africa’s last major free flowing river – the Gambia. Gambia is known to be the smiling coast of Africa and could be the perfect destination to experience West Africa with Wildlife, beaches and exotic surroundings; all reasons why the country is now gaining popularity among tourists for vacations and activities.

Here are some ways to get in the country:

  • By Plane – a number of charter and holiday operators offer regular .
    • From Nigeria – comes twice a week (Wednesdays & Fridays) by Bellview
    • From Dakar – daily flights by Air Senegal & Slok Air
    • From Barcelona & Madrid – weekly flights by Spanair
    • From Amsterdam, Brussels & Manchester – regular scheduled flights during peak season (October – April)
    • By Car – you can go and move about through bush taxis from Drakar to Banjul and Banjul to Zinguinchor. Using your private car, you can drive from Senegal to Gambia via Amdalli border.
    • By Bus – if you’re taking it slower than the bush taxis, you can try the direct GPTC buses running from Barra.
    • By Boat – another expensive way would be to charter a small fishing vessel from neighbouring areas such as Dakar.
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The Gambia River

Where to stay

When in Gambia you might want to look for a place to stay. Well there are varied options ranging from luxury to standard tourist hotels, guest houses, lodges and apartments.  For some, accommodations are part of an all-inclusive deal with tour operators. Eco camps and lodges offering basic accommodation may also interest tourists.

What to do

Tourists coming here feels that there’s no better way to experience Gambia but through a hike alongside the river. Having to be a narrow country occupying the navigable river valley and hills, Gambia can be enjoyed with a healthy trek along the river while exploring the country’s wildlife and cultures. Its meandering riverbanks provide a natural trek for tourists who want to discover what Gambia has to offer.  The hills and valleys surrounding the river breathe adventure for tourists who seek for an action trail.

What to see

  • Abuko Nature Reserve – One of the smallest protected areas in Africa situated outside the Lamin Village, some 25 km from Banjul. The nature park offers an introduction to Gambian wildlife – 300 species of birds, crocs and monkeys.
  • James Island (Roots Tour) – inspired by Alex Haley’s Roots. Cruise up the centre of the wide Gambia River towards the French trading post and visit the setting of Roots, an old slave trade station.
  • Kachikally Crocodile Pool – very popular for close encounter with West African Nile Crocs.
  • Gambia River National Park – National Park below Janjanbureh. The tour here includes organized boat tours to see the Gambian Wildlife.

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