Review time – My Fitness Pal at 1 week

Review time – My Fitness Pal at 1 week

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The internet is awash with different fitness crazes so I’m going to test them out and see if they are actually any good. In this new feature, I will review different fitness iphone apps or websites looking for something that is aimed at the everyday person which don’t require a gym or a personal trainer.

Most of the reviews I find in google are superficial, or even just top 50 lists. Here I want to go a bit deeper.  I will review the app at 1 week, 1 month and then 3 months. That way I can tell you if the guy who always says “you can do it” every 20 seconds really does make you want to pull your hair out or if you can learn to live with it.

The first review is an iphone app called my fitness pal.

So what exactly is my fitness pal?
It’s a calorie counter app, it has a range of different foods which you can add into a daily diary. It’s separated into breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks. It also counts your exercise – even walking one minute downstairs, which is then deducted from you calorie intake. The aim of the game is to reach X amount of (for me 1250) calories a day.

First impressions?
It’s great how they have separated it out into meal times, although it would be good to have a separate one for drinks as it would be interesting to see just how many calories come from my drinks each day. The foods can be searched and imputed offline which is brilliant for me as sometimes on the road there isn’t any signal or wifi. The range of food you can chose from is massive, but the problem is that it is mostly aimed at restaurants in America or UK and so some are inapplicable for travellers in South East Asia.

Is it easy to use?
Yes, it is very easy to search and input foods into your diary. It the calculates how many calories you have left in your daily count and automatically deducts how much exercise you have done for the day. This is brilliant for me as I have no idea how many calories there are in a chocolate bar or how many calories could be burnt in a five minute jog!  Best of all, I particulary like how you can put in 5 minutes of leisurely walking as well as any “normal” exercise routines you have.

my fitness pal iphone app

Example diary entry

Is it useful?
It’s making me more aware of just how many calories there are in some foods. Like, I was shocked to find that a 7up can had 160 calories in! But the only problem is that it’s only an estimate, as long as you keep that in mind it’s great.

It’s good for:
It’s brilliant for people who use their iphones/ipod touches all the time. You can easily input things on the go and it is much easier once you have got into the habbit. It is easier for people in the Us/UK who can input restaurant food straight away as well as their own meals at home. For travellers it is a little more difficult and I find myself estimating most of the time.

It’s FREE – always good in my book!

Overall rating:

I’ll continue to use this and will update when I get to the month mark.

To read more about my fitness pal or download it, check out their website

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