Review Time: My Fitness Pal – 1 month in

Review Time: My Fitness Pal – 1 month in

Posted on 23. Apr, 2011 by in Review

The internet is awash with different fitness crazes so I’ve decided to test them out to see if they are actually any good. I am going to review different fitness iphone apps or websites looking for something that is aimed at the everyday person which doesn’t require a gym or a personal trainer.

Most of the reviews I find in google are superficial, or even just top 50 lists. Here I want to go a bit deeper.  I will review the app at 1 week, 1 month and then 3 months. That way I can tell you if the guy who always says “you can do it” every 20 seconds really does make you want to pull your hair out or if you can learn to live with it.

This is the the second review of My fitness pal – 1 month in.

To read the first review click here .

At week one I really liked the app, it easily broke up the amount of food I ate into different meal times and deducted any excersise I did during that day. However one month it has become very tedious to input each item of food, because I am travelling I change my eating habits regulary meaning I cannot utilse their option to save a few items as a meal.

I also found that once the novelty had worn off I would forget to input the data every day and I would trying to remember what I ate four days before. Unfortunately because of this, three/four weeks in I had near enough stopped using the app.

Has it become easier to use?
It’s still pretty easy to use, and would be much easier for people who were in a routine as by week four most of your regular meals would be saved and so the inputting time would be only a few seconds a day. However as mentioned above it has become a pain for me to use….

my fitness pal iphone app
Example diary entry

Is it useful?
Not at all for me, it is far too difficult to keep guessing what amounts I am eating and compromising on the ingredients.

It’s good for
People who are in the same place all the time, it would be much easier to use this app while I wasn’t travelling. Mainly because I would be cooking my own food and when I did eat out the app is likely to have the restaurant on its files.

It’s FREE!

Overall rating:

I have stopped using this app so will not be updating at the 3 month mark. Instead I am going to search out a different thing to review :-)

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  1. trisha

    14. Jan, 2012

    I stated using it 2 weeks ago and lost 4 lbs . Keeps me on track with the vitmains and food groups my body requires. I also have more energy.

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  2. Johnny Bodybuilding

    31. Jan, 2013

    It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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