Reasons you should go skiing this Winter

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When I was younger I always wanted to give skiing a go, so when I was at university I jumped at the chance of going to Val Thorens with 50 other students. It was a great week but it left me wanting more and unfortunately skiing is an expensive hobbie. By my third year of university I was saving as much as I could to go travelling and couldn’t justify another trip away. Then, South East Asia isn’t well known for snow….

I’ve been back a year now and have been looking into what I am going to do next. One idea I had was to go and work at a ski resort somewhere. But why do I like skiing so much? Here are my top reasons

Learn a new skill
There is only one way to learn how to ski and that is to go skiing. I remember how nervous I was at the beginning of the week to go down the smallest of runs but by the end of the week I felt that I had mastered it. Maybe not to go on a black run but I was gutted to leave.

Gets you fit
This is incredibly important for a fitness blog! And luckily skiing is unlike most holidays – you are likely to come back lighter than when you left. Skiing is hard on your legs but it works wonders on your core. My advice though, is do some prep work before you go, lots of lunges, squats an core work. That way you will be able to enjoy your holiday rather than having to have a rest day because your muscles ache.

making a snowman

Sunny and cold at the same time
I love snow, it’s one of the reasons we went to Slovenia in February this year. I don’t mind being cold but hate it when it is really windy and the cold goes right through you. Usually when you are out in the ski resorts it’s lovely blue sky. Sun + snow = happy Kirsty! Especially when I get to make snow men!

Stay in some lovely places
My dream would be to get a beautiful lodge somewhere with an outdoor hot tub. That way even though it would be cold outside I could relax in some boiling water sipping a lovely cocktail. It is pretty good for aching muscles too. Although I would happily stay in a swanky place like the niseko snow accommodation too.

Nights out
This is one of the best bits about skiing, especially as I feel I have deserved a nice beer after all the exercise. When I was away we met lots of different people from all around the world and had a great time.

Excuse to go shopping
This could be one of my favourite reasons to go skiing… you need new stuff. I love my pink ski jacket, so much so that I have used it for the past 3 winters. You also need goggles, trousers, thermal underwear. I could go shopping for days.

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