What I’m doing….

What I’m doing….

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The reason this is called travel fitness is because for the last 6 months I have been travelling round through South East Asia. It’s brilliant, but not very conducive to helping me stay fit and healthy. For 6 months I have been in complete holiday mode. Drinking beer on a regular basis and eating out for every meal.

The main problem for me is when eating out I never chose the healthy option. I always find that salads are never as tempting as a gigantic burger with all the trimmings and usually here in Asia they are the same price.

Then between meals there’s stuff like cake and ice cream and roti and deep fried potato and samosas and deep fried dough lots of other delicious things. All sold extremely cheap on every single street corner just to lure me into submission! Safe to say I have absolutely no will power when it comes to food – I love the stuff, especially the bad stuff.

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How can I excerise when there's a hammock waiting for me.....

I exercise pretty irregularly moving on from place to place every few days means that there is little routine and lots of excuses. We may climb a mountain one day but then for next week slob out and do next to nothing. Or we will go a bike ride round town, then use one of my favourite excuses to not do exercise – “it’s too hot” and seek shelter in a bar.

I’m not moaning, this is my perfect life. But my new goal and the motivation behind this blog is to get fit. Hopefully this  blog will force me to get off my ass and stop making excuses, maybe think twice about having the gigantic burger with all the trimmings – maybe just get a normal one? The overall goal is to do this whilst still having fun and drinking some beer!

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