Four Exciting Beach Activities

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The white sand on the beach, the blue waves of the sea and the giggles of kids enjoying the watery fun can allure anybody to come and stop for a while and unwind in the peaceful aura of a beach. Although you can just relax on the beach taking in the rays, it’s also a great place to get up and get active.

Here are four exciting suggestions:

1. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball cc: andybullock77

If you happen to have a volley ball net… great, set it up. If not, get creative. You can use picnic baskets, a portable badminton net, some shells or rocks and just about anything you can find. Gather your team and your opponents, or even if there’s just the two of you, you can still play. Make up your own scoring rules, serve and throw that volleyball!

2. Frisbee

A Frisbee catch cc: maureen lunn

Looking for a fun way to sweat? Frisbee is a simple game of throw and catch that can easily keep you entertained for hours. All you need is a disc and some friends or even just one will do. Whether you choose to play competitively counting points from successful catches or just throwing for fun it’s going to be a good workout . Either way, you can loosen up and enjoy your time on the beach through this active game.

3. Snorkeling

Let's snorkel! cc: michael sweet

There can never be as much fun as swimming with the fishes. Activate your curiosity of life under the surface with a bit of swimming while snorkeling. All you need is a mask, snorkel and some kicks to get you started observing the busy life of the sea creatures underneath the water. Even in the shallow, there is much to observe, and everything changes as you go deeper. But wait, make sure you go with a buddy or a group to make it more fun and safe in the water.

4. Kite-flying

Kite-flying cc: evanembee

The breeze on the beach is not only relaxing but great for flying kites. Yey! Whether you create your own kite or you buy a ready-made one, make sure that your kite strings are long enough to reach the great hights as you make it fly through the sky. To jumpstart your kite, you can either run as the kite gets its leap or you can ask a friend to throw it high for you. Follow the wind direction and run as you get loose of the kite strings so the kite flies. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you’ll absolutely find kite flying pleasurable.

Time on the beach often means time to relax, but try these out, have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Tracy (@TravelFit)

    12. May, 2012

    Just reading this makes me want to head to the beach.
    Though I usually just do the normal run & swim type of beach activities.
    Happy Active summer to all!
    PS: Thanks for all of the comments on SHE & TFN!

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