Food Friday: The alternative to take out pizza

Posted on 07. Jun, 2014 by in The Story

Since my new health kick this year I have had to be really picky about the food I eat – in fact I’ve felt a bit depressed about how many things I have had to turn down recently!

Last year Poi and I would enjoy lots of meals out at the weekend and I have found some really nice places in around Kentish Town and I really miss it! Especially the delicious Italian just up the road.

But tonight I have came up with a solution! I wouldn’t be going out but making my own pizza at home!

I think I enjoyed this even more than a restaurant, I could pick my own toppings and and I loved making it myself. The best thing is it’s incredibly simple to make – I bought some hand made pizza bases and some passata from Sainsburys and then add my own choice of toppings.

The base of my pizza

On my pizza I went for:
smoked ham
and to top it all off jalapenos – plenty of them!

Ham, spinach and mozzarella

This is also a good idea if you need dot save money – usually I spend around £20 eating out whereas one pizza base costs 75p. Averaging out all the toppings the pizza came to £4.50! Saving me £15!


The final result!

To top this night off we saved even more money and rented a movie – the World’s End! Great way to top off the night!

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