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The tropical paradise called Fiji cc: peterdashmoore

A tropical island paradise, that’s what Fiji is all about. It is a wonderful island seated in the South Pacific Ocean, located in the east of Vanuatu, west of Tonga and south of Tuvalu. Check your maps! It’s that tiny island very popular at the hub of the South West Pacific.

Why go to Fiji?

Been dreaming of Turquoise Holidays then look no further. Fiji is a truly lovely place with majestic coasts, forests, minerals and fishes. It’s a Pacific island rich with ethnic culture that’s begging to be explored. Did you know that Fiji includes over 330 tropical islands to enjoy? Its clear blue waters are great for diving. And, think of unique Fijian crafts, dances, food, music and fitness style. You will certainly be stunned by its Melanesian roots, truly colourful and authentic of the Pacific.

When to go in Fiji?

Fiji is an all year round travel destination. Most tourists are attracted to explore the clear waters and hiking grounds on dry season from July to September. IA good time if you prefer low humidity, less rainfall, cool temperatures and low cyclone risk. The perks of going on a wet season though are the same fun packages but on lower rates. It will be from October through April. It will be very humid then and showers may last for days, with possibilities of tropical storms in December.

What to do in Fiji?

There’s much to do in a tropical paradise such as Fiji. Here are the top 3 things you must do once you’re there! Not only will you enjoy retreats, your health will be in good hands as you take part in these activities improving your fitness.

1) Go island hopping.

Island hopping in Fiji cc: peterdashmoore

Fiji is famous for its wonderful tropical island gems. Make the most of it! You can take a cruise on Mamanuca Islands. Amaze yourself with the different coasts and islands. You can opt to go for a sailing adventure or a sunset dinner cruise or kayaking.  It’s your choice! You can have a day trip to one of the islands and savour the majestic glittering waters. Much more, go snorkelling and diving. It’s a must! Swim with the fishes! You’ll see how different the underwater life varies from others that you have seen.

2) Go game fishing.

Wahoo in Fiji cc: Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort

It is said that Fiji is a haven for game fishing because of the unique attractive fish life in its waters. Why not book a private charter boat and go deep sea fishing? Try to catch a sailfish, a marlin or yellow fin tuna. This is a-must-do adventure!

3) Go visit a traditional Fijian village.

Fijian Bula or traditional warm “Hello” cc: frizma

Having an experience with the Fijian locals is a definitely a memorable fun activity you would want to miss in Fiji. Welcome their traditional culture and immerse in their way of life. Learn their smiles and languages, engage with their ethnic dances and hymns. Try it and you’ll be bemused with the beauty of the Pacific.

Why not treat yourself to a tropical break in Fiji. You’ll come back with a glow and feeling amazingly refreshed.

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