Honey…. I’m home!

Honey…. I’m home!

Posted on 25. Oct, 2011 by in The Story

These last few weeks I have been back in the UK sorting out a few bits. Despite enjoying the wonders of Asian food over the last year or so there is so much food I have been missing, from a quick snack grabbed from a supermarket or full blown home cooked meals…

S.U.N.D.A.Y R.O.A.S.T….. and those garlic mushrooms drowned in Cheese, oh actually just cheese in general and bacon sandwiches and pies and pastry and cakes and fish and chips and gravy….. yum


Of course before I came back to the UK I told myself the usual things, I don’t eat as bigger portions as I used to a couple of years ago, I can still enjoy the food I like but just smaller portions of it. And of course “I don’t need to eat something unhealthy for every meal.”

So how have I been getting on?

In practice it didn’t work out so well. It’s easy to convince yourself you don’t miss certain foods until they are right there in front of your face. The smell of a fish & chip shop for example, suddenly everything behind that little glass window looks like heaven and I wanted it all. – Portion sizes… ummm what’s portion sizes!

Luckily one thing I did miss the most was western style vegetable’s. In SE Asia most of the time your vegetable intake is limited to the drenched stuff fried into various rice and noodle dishes so, as much as I have been eating the very very naughty stuff I have also been stocking up on cauliflower, broccoli, carrots yummy boiled crispyness.

This is one thing I have been craving!!!

A role model I am not.

So while my boyfriend jetted off on our planned Bali holidays , I’ve come back to take over the pie eating and Sunday Roasts and Ice Cream and Chocolate and pork pies and goodness knows what else to make sure none of it goes to waste.

As always, the diet can wait until next week.

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