Delicious healthy breakfast that anyone can make!

Posted on 01. Jul, 2014 by in Fitness , The Story

One thing that has stopped be from being the fittest I could be as I used to have absolutely no clue about nutrition. I didn’t know what food was carb, or why protein is good for you or even cereal is full of sugar. Before ‘new me’ I would eat a big bowl of cereal for breakfast a healthy sandwich for lunch and top it off with a really healthy ready meal….

New me does not do this – I am a lot more clued up and feel like I am learning something everyday. This week I have been looking for new recipes to try – getting a bit bored of having the same old eggs for breakfast. after scouring the internet I found that following the right guys on twitter is great and they always tweet to their favourite recipies.

This week I went for a super healthy pancake which is quite possibly the easiest thing I have made in a while. All you need is eggs a ripe banana and an electronic whisk.

all you need for tasty healthy pancakes

My only tip for combing the ingredients is to mash the banana before whisking as it is a lot easier! Once you have done this you have the batter. Heat a little bit of olive oil/coconut oil in a frying pan and pore a small amount of the mixture. The only problem with the pancakes is they are quite partial to breaking…. I have just about mastered the flip!



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