Dance Your Way to Fitness

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Did you know that fitness and dancing are a great way to create a healthy and vibrant you? Yes, the beat, the steps and the rhythm all make for a exciting workout that will fit in with your usual fitness routine.

Dancing your way to fitness cc: R. Moreno

Dancing is a great and fun way to get in shape and actually has more benefits than you might think. More than just the cardiovascular fitness or endurance you develop from dancing, your muscles also gain flexibility while your bones become stronger. Isn’t that awesome? The coolest thing is, the mind-body coordination that you do while following or creating dance steps makes it healthy both for your brain and your body. In fact, research shows that people who often engage in these activities have lower risks of having Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia at old age.

With all the recognitions of various cultures we have now, there is a variety of dances that you can choose from for your daily workout. Be it the popular ballroom dancing, ballet, Zumba, Salsa, hip hop, belly dancing, jazz, masala, soukous, soca or boxercise, you can find dance steps that will suit your ability and energy. Whatever it is, dancing is truly a fantastic exercise option with loads of health benefits! Here are the top seven reasons to dance your way to fitness.

  1. Helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  2. Contributes to weight loss (Research says it burns 420 calories per hour on average, that’s better than many other cardio activities you might be doing.)
  3. Improves your endurance and stamina levels
  4. Contributes to muscle toning
  5. Develops muscle coordination
  6. Increase your physical fitness
  7. Improves your well-being including your social life

Salsa Moves cc: moorepat

Try Salsa! It’s a well known Latin dance that will engage you into a unique form of aerobic exercise. A combination of Salsa music plus footwork, hip movement, arm swings and spins can definitely give you a good sweat. What’s more is that Salsa is a social dance and you will have to do it with a partner and a Salsa dancing group. It’s a common social practice and culture in Latin America, where Salsa dance originated. They actually use dance body language to communicate and express feelings, and eventually gain new friends.

Salsa Lessons cc: ArubaSalsa

Where to learn Salsa dance? Salsa lessons are now offered everywhere. Check out your nearest gym, community centre or country club. Having a dance instructor can speed up your learning of the basic Salsa steps although, you can also try videos and online courses which you can purchase in fitness shops and online. You can grab your friends, dance, exercise and learn together.

Try this unique, fun and creative way to fitness. Regardless of your age, there is a Salsa step that suits you and there is a Salsa group who wants to dance with you. Salsa dancing will hook you up to a healthy and friendly way of life.

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