Completing the 30 day squat challenge – what’s next?

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Over the last 30 days I have been following the 30 day squat challenge, On Friday I completed an eye watering 250 squats! Over the last 30 days I have squatted over 3000 times, averaging 100 a day.

The results:

At the beginning of this challenge I struggled to complete the first day – 70 squats seemed like a mountain. By day 15 I had got into the “swing of squatting” and was quite enjoying it! However I still couldn’t quite work out how I would finally get to the main goal of 250! One good thing about this challenge is it builds you up slowly, it’s mapped out and you only add, 5/10 or 20 squats to your daily routine so you don’t really notice the amount going up.

The best thing for me was getting into the habit of exercise, usually I can think of any excuse under the sun to get out of it. I’m too tired, I’ll do double tomorrow, I’ve just ate! Anything. The problem with this is you have to do it every day – so I did… for me this is a massive achievement and something I will be taking forward into the new challenges over the  next couple of months.

I have noticed a change in my bum and my legs, they are tighter, and there’s not as much cellulite however it isn’t as dramatic as some of the pictures flying around the internet would let you believe! This could be because I have come from very very very low fitness, or maybe I wasn’t squatting as deep as I could have… or there is no quick fix!

The next challenge:

100 squats a day for the next 60 days

Leading from my idea that there are no quick fixes I have decided to carry on with squatting. I have started to like squatting – I never thought I would say that! I have seen a change in my legs and I think this will help further. I am going to concentrate a little more on my form, pushing myself to squat deeper and incorporate a variety of different ones than just parallel

Press up challenge

I have decided to complete another 30 day challenge too. I am absolutely rubbish at press ups – I struggle to do 5 and I lose form after 3. This is a simple challenge – by day 30 I will be able to complete 20 push ups! I’ve chosen this next because they ar e an all over body work out – you have to really work you abs as well as your arms (which are extremely wobbly).

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