Baked Beans – The Super Food

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Baked beans are an old time favourite everywhere! Both adults and kids just love the red saucy beans with bread or barbecue chicken or even roast beef. Yum! But do you know that baked beans are actually a super food that every nutritionist would recommend to be part of your regular diet?

First of all, baked beans are 99% fat free. Yey! That means you can eat a few more. They’re a rich source of protein, fibre, iron, folate and lycopene to name a few. If you need to eat less meat products, then you can get a lot of protein from baked beans. What’s more, they have very low glycemic index (your blood sugar counted from the carbs you’re eating), saturated fat and sugar. Isn’t that fantastic?

Studies show that baked beans are one of the best food choices for teenage girls and pregnant women, young and growing children, vegetarians and athletes. They’re great in supporting iron balance within our body systems which is awesome for our cells, so they can keep us glowing, alert and healthy. The lycopene found in the tomato sauce is rich in antioxidants that attack cancer cells. What a super food indeed!

The great thing about beans is how quick and simple they are to cook,  whether you’re in a rush, looking for a quick healthy meal while looking after the kids or grabbing a quick snack while playing online games such as roulette on .

There are many ways you can enjoy the taste and health benefits of the super food baked beans. Here are four recipes you can add to your daily menu to make your meals more exciting and truly loved by your family and friends.

1) Simple Baked Beans

Simple baked beans cc: carrier

A very quick and easy to prepare canned baked bean recipe.  The sweet and tasty combination of onions, molasses and sugar pour out all the goodness of baked beans in to every hungry tummy.  A real meal treat to try!

Calories: 176

Total Fat: 3.9g

Cholesterol: 10mg

2) Ultimate Baked Beans

Ultimate baked beans cc: Sonia! The Healthy Foodie

The variety of beans used for this recipe makes it unique and a sure hit in all occasions. The mixture of sauces and spices add up to create a savoury, sweet and unforgettable  flavour to the baked beans. What’s more, it can be prepared a day ahead. Just refrigerate.

Calories: 283

Total Fat: 10.1g

Cholesterol: 19mg

3) Bar-B-Q Baked Beans

Bar-B-Q baked beans cc: CinnamonGirl

A very popular baked beans recipe that highlights a festive galore on special gatherings. It is perfectly served with baked ham or spare ribs. A truly healthy and delicious recipe that’s inviting to everybody who loves to have a great meal.

Calories: 166

Total Fat: 3.3g

Cholesterol: 5mg

4) Maureen’s Baked Beans

Maureen’s Baked Beans cc: JARRIE

Get ready for a mixture of beans that are slowly cooked and finely seasoned. Delicious is just what it is. With the variety of beans, uniquely flavoured sauce with a touch of browned meat and spices, this baked beans recipe will make your guests keep coming back for more. That is for sure!

Calories: 216

Total Fat: 10.1g

Cholesterol: 17mg

It is great to know that you can never go wrong with preparing simple meals using the super food – baked beans. What are you waiting for? Grab some baked beans now and load yourself up with the good stuff!

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