A ‘Fitness Buddy’: Why You Need Them

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Just like we enjoy spending time with our friends to watch a movie, go shopping, travel or even just a walk to the park, and so our time in the gym becomes much more meaningful when we’re with a fitness buddy. Nope, I’m not talking about those Ipad apps that loads you up with fitness info and helps you record your weight and body fats. Instead, dragging a friend along to work out with you.

What is a fitness buddy? He or she is someone who helps you in any way possible so you can reach your fitness goals. Yes! This is the person whom you can hang out with whilst doing your fitness routines or who will support you as you perform those exercises. Those arm swings, leg raises and push-ups are easier done when you have a cheerleader beside you, aren’t they? Especially when you are into a heavy cardio workout to achieve a certain weight. You just need someone who can help you push yourself. That’s exactly what a fitness buddy is for!

Your Benefits

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Having a fitness partner can definitely benefit you more. Scientific studies even back up this information that we get to achieve more when we do it with a buddy or a team who are aiming towards the same goal. It’s because of our internal design as individuals. Do you know that we’re very good at combining information from various sensory sources so we can arrive at a judgment that’s more accurate when than on its own? Impressive design. It simply means that we could do more with a partner rather than doing it alone.

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So, what do you get from a fitness partner? Aside from some tips and tricks in doing fitness activities, a fitness partner can provide more than information. Importantly, a fitness partner can help you have motivation so you can achieve your fitness goals, encouragement and inspiration so it will be easy for you to do whatever is necessary to be fit, competitiveness that helps you improve your current achievements and because you have a buddy, you can do pair activities, allowing you to do more. You can get to ask their opinion on how you are doing in your triceps extension routine, for example. It does make a lot of difference in your performance! You’ll unquestionably be grateful for your buddy’s helpful presence.

Where to get your fitness buddy?

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A fitness buddy can be your friend, relative, colleague, gym instructor or anybody whom you’re comfortable to hang out with for a fitness workout. They must be a person whom you trust, look up to and share common goals as well. It benefits you the most if they know or have a little more experience, so you can learn more! If you have don’t have one now, who do you think it could be?

Fitness buddies are treasures indeed. Find the right one for you and stick with them. Set goals and go for it together!

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