5 Ways to Stay Mentally Fit

Posted on 25. Dec, 2012 by in Fitness

Mental fitness is the way to healthy living. cc: Creative Pink Designs

Ever wonder why some people seem to never get tired with what they do regardless of their age? Aside from their passion for their activities, there’s another secret formula to becoming physically fit which is often neglected because most people get easily engaged with what their eyes can visibly perceive. Okay, to make it simple, you need to be mentally fit first to enable you to be physically fit. Yes! Your mental fitness has got a lot to do with your physical fitness.

Several times science has proven that an active mind is a great influence for being healthy. There’s  an old proverb too that says “Where the mind goes, the body follows.” It is so true! Once you learn to engage yourself in a regular mental workout routine, you’ll observe that you’re more likely to have a positive mood, ready to face the day with great expectation and you’re ready to go out there for a good workout.

Here are 5 ways that you can stay mentally fit. Simple as they are, the health benefits are fantastic. Do you like to be confident, engaged, articulate, quick to think and feel younger? Try these out!

1) Learn a new language.

Learn a new language. cc: AnkeWeckmann

It’s time to get yourself speaking Spanish, English or Mandarin. And converse with a foreigner in his local language at least for 5 minutes! Sign up for a language class . Chat with your new friends using a new language. Order your food in French when you go to a French restaurant. Learning a new language can give you a great sense of acomplishment.

2) Play Sudoku.

Play Sudoku! cc: Laurel714

Have you tried playing Sudoku puzzle? You can start with the beginner’s level and challenge yourself with harder ones as you get better. It’s a great mental workout. You’re able to exercise your memory and problem-solving skills. Alternatively, you can also do other puzzle workouts like the word puzzle or a 500-piece picture puzzle. Or play chess, solitaire, scrabble or word factory. Feed your mind with questions, you’ll be surprised how it will act to get the answers.

3) Read a new genre of books.

Read meaningful books! cc: chavala

What was the last book that you’ve read? Can’t remember? It’s okay, you can start one today. Go to your nearest bookstore or find a book sale. Grab a book of your interest, or maybe something that you’ve been wanting to learn. Find out those how-to’s topics.  Get through kindle if you like. Whether it’s about a story, recipe, travel or a new skill, your mind is getting a dose of info-vitamins.

4) Learn to play a musical instrument.

Learn to play a musical instrument. cc: wenjomatic

Engaging into a novel activity is wonderful for our mental fitness. Maybe you’ve thought of playing the piano or guitar or violin, but never got the chance. Now will be a perfect time to learn, as you get your mind engaged into the music and master the skill to start playing the instrument. Try it! It trains the mind to be sharp.

5) Be positive.

Enjoy life and be positive! cc: cici.jhonney

Everyday instances may happen which are not according to our plan. Instead of being upset about it, challenge yourself by practicing positive thoughts that something good will come out of it. You’ll be amazed how this alone can help you achieve more in a day. Don’t drag your day to disappointments, bring your mind to creative solutions, and you’ll see good results.

Go and try them! The key here is to get your brain cells doing a regular workout. Do something that excites you and you’ll see yourself not only mentally fit but physically stunning too!


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