1 year back in England…

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We arrived back home in May 2012 just in time for a traditionally British summer. We had a great time catching up with friends, some that I hadn’t seen for the best part of two years. At the beginning of June I started my teacher training course and headed off to London for 6 weeks. It was great meeting lots of new people but unfortunately the course wasn’t kind on my waist line.

I promised myself at the time that I would make up for this when I got back and I let myself have plenty of snacks and treats as “I was doing something brand new” and “everyone else was doing it.” I thought I would easily lose it come September when I would be really busy as a new teacher, especially as I wouldn’t be eating out as much or be in holiday mode any longer.

The problem with London is you literally have delicious food on every corner and the variety is amazing. I found myself eating out almost every weekend for someones birthday or just as a treat for the stressful week I had. The other thing I hadn’t factored into the equation was friends and family coming to visit. Over the last year I have had plenty of people to stay and because they are on “holiday” they want to go to lots of nice places to eat and drink which I found it hard to say no to.

This was me at my biggest – April 2013

On top of this I was also snacking a lot during the week. I found that I was eating emotionally and when I had a rubbish day at work I would go home and scoff a massive bar of chocolate. I would also eat when others had chocolate – in a house with four girls this was pretty much all the time!

Fast froward 12 months and I had put on over a stone. It slowly crept up on me and although it was shocking to weight myself in May 2013, it was the kick up the backside I needed!

I know I needed to make massive changes to my diet, fitness regime and my lifestyle. I hired a personal trainer, banned all treats during the week and tried to be more active at the weekend. In the last four months I have dropped just over a stone of weight which is great. However over the last month I have hit a bit of a wall! Languishing around 4 kgs away from my goal weight.

Starting to try and get fit June 2012

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